Game Rules


  • A hunid cards with three hunid words in total.
  • Inside of each card has three colored rings: Purple, Orange, and Teal.
    • Each ring has an adult slang word on it. 
    • FYI, words are NOT jumbled but are in a circle and use all characters.
  • Some cards have drinking rules (optional but highly recommended) in the center.
  • Backside of each card has an assigned card color (optional).
  • Be the first to unravel the word in the correct colored ring.


    • Place deck with logo side up.
    • Choose a dealer to flip cards.
      • Dealer may also play.
      • Rotate dealer if desired.
    • Say the top card color out loud while flipping the card over.
    • First player to figure out the word in the card color ring keeps the card.
      • For tie breaker, play another color ring on the same card.
    • If there is a rule in the center, read it out loud and implement.
      • Rules and penalties are explained below (and in rule book).
    • Flip next card and repeat until deck finished.
    • Player with most cards wins bragging rights - potty mouth!
    • Player with least cards is going to heaven or is dyslexic.

    • PRO TIP: once you have played the deck with the assigned card color on the back, you may replay it in a new way by arbitrarily choosing any of the other two colors. The game will still work as expected since EVERY ring has a legit word in it.

      Drinking Rules

      Hell yeah, drinking rules! But really though:

      • Some rules are one-time and others are ongoing until canceled.
      • Ongoing rules apply to ALL players.
      • Ongoing rules can be stacked (house rules decide).
        • We suggest stacking up to two rules at a time.
      • Rule Maker: card winner may optionally enforce ANY new rule or pass.
      • Rule Breaker: card winner must cancel an existing ongoing rule.


      • Every time a player disobeys a rule, they must serve the penalty which by default is to ‘take a drink’.
      • BUT can be replaced with sober penalties like ‘lose a card’ or ‘get slapped on hand’.
      • OR create your own - whatever tickles your pickle.




      Baby Crawl

      only move around by crawling.

      Beaver Town

      penalty for all players with a vagina.

      Best Friend Forever

      card winner pick a BFF who will serve your penalty with you every time.

      Choo Choo Train

      pump arms back and forth whenever laughing.

      Edward Nohands

      only drink with no hands - customize for non-drinking penalty.

      Foreign Accent

      only speak in a different accent.

      Hand In Hand

      all players except dealer must keep holding hands.

      Holy Words

      end every sentence with fake chapter and verse like it’s a bible quote (Duderonomy 4:20)

      I Am Batman

      only speak in Batman voice.

      I Have

      play a round of "I Have" (opposite of "Never Have I Ever") - penalty for those ‘who have not’.

      In My @$$

      end every sentence with "in my @$$" my @$$.

      Last Name Basis

      only call one another by last names.

      Majestic Plural

      only speak using plural first-person pronouns - "I/me" becomes "we/us".

      Mind Your Language

      card winner picks a player to explain adult/slang meaning of winning word - penalty for incorrect definition.

      Naked Curse

      whoever curses takes an article of clothing off.

      Never Have I Ever

      card winner start a round of "Never Have I Ever" - penalty for those ‘who have’.

      Palilalia Rule

      repeat the last word of your every sentence sentence.

      Pointing Is Rude

      do not point to any person or object.

      Popsicle Stand

      penalty for all players with a penis.

      Potty Mouth

      penalty for player(s) with most cards right now.

      Rap Battle

      card winner start a rap flow with winning word - penalty for the first player to mess it up.

      Spank Master

      card winner may spank the butt of any other player - at your own responsibility.

      Steal A Card

      card winner may steal one card from any other player.

      Toothless Laugh

      only laugh without showing your teeth.

      T-Rex Arms

      only move and drink with t-rex arms - elbows locked in at your sides.