How To Play


  • A hunid cards with three hunid words in total.
  • Inside of each card has three colored rings: Purple, Orange, and Teal.
  • Each ring has an adult or millennial slang on it. 
    • Word(s) are not jumbled but are just in a circle.
    • Must use all characters.
  • Some cards have optional but highly recommended drinking rules in the center.
  • Backside of each card has an assigned card color (optional).
    • Pro Tip: you may play with any of the other two colors on any card and the game will work just fine!


    • Place deck with back (logo) side up.
    • Choose a dealer to flip cards.
      • Dealer may also play.
      • Rotate dealer if desired.
    • Say the top card color out loud.
    • Flip the card over.
    • First player to figure out the slang in the correct color ring keeps the card.
      • For tie breaker, play another color ring on the same card between those who tied.
    • If there is a rule in the center, read it out loud and implement.
      • Rules and penalties are explained here (and in rule book).
    • Flip next card and repeat until deck finished.
    • Player with most cards wins bragging rights and a special place in hell.
    • Player with least cards is either really naive or dyslexic.
    • All other players get!


      For Drinking Rules, Click Here.