Drinking Rules

Drinking Rules

Hell yes, drinking rules! but really though:

  • Some rules are one-time and others are ongoing until canceled.
  • Ongoing rules apply to ALL players.
  • Ongoing rules can be stacked (house decides).
    • We suggest playing one rule at a time.
  • Rule Maker: card winner may enforce ANY new rule or pass.
  • Rule Breaker: the existing ongoing rule is cancelled.


  • Every time a player disobeys a rule, they must serve the penalty which by default is to ‘take a drink’.
  • BUT can be replaced with sober penalties like ‘lose a card’ or ‘get slapped on the hand’.
  • OR create your own - whatever tickles your pickle.




Baby Crawl

only move around by crawling.

Beaver Town

penalty for all players with a vagina.

Best Friend Forever

card winner pick a BFF who will serve your penalty with you every time.

Choo Choo Train

pump arms back and forth whenever laughing.

Edward Nohands

only drink with no hands - customize for non-drinking penalty.

Foreign Accent

only speak in a different accent.

Hand In Hand

all players except dealer must keep holding hands.

Holy Words

end every sentence with fake chapter and verse like it’s a bible quote (Duderonomy 4:20)

I Am Batman

only speak in Batman voice.

I Have

play a round of "I Have" (opposite of "Never Have I Ever") - penalty for those ‘who have not’.

In My @$$

end every sentence with "in my @$$"...in my @$$.

Last Name Basis

only call one another by last names.

Majestic Plural

only speak using plural first-person pronouns - "I/me" becomes "we/us".

Mind Your Language

card winner picks a player to explain adult/slang meaning of winning word - penalty for incorrect definition.

Naked Curse

whoever curses takes an article of clothing off.

Never Have I Ever

card winner start a round of "Never Have I Ever" - penalty for those ‘who have’.

Palilalia Rule

repeat the last word of your every sentence sentence.

Pointing Is Rude

do not point to any person or object.

Popsicle Stand

penalty for all players with a penis.

Potty Mouth

penalty for player(s) with most cards right now.

Rap Battle

card winner start a rap flow with winning word - penalty for the first player to mess it up.

Spank Master

card winner may spank the butt of any other player - at your own responsibility.

Steal A Card

card winner may steal one card from any other player.

Toothless Laugh

only laugh without showing your teeth.

T-Rex Arms

only move and drink with t-rex arms - elbows locked in at your sides.