How to Prep Your Place for a Night of Drinking Games

If you’re looking for a great way to wind down, having an adult-themed night of drinking games can be a really fun and entertaining way to let loose. Whether you're planning this night for a holiday get-together or just for some weekend fun, there are some ways that you can make the party both enjoyable and safe. Here are a few ways you can prepare your place to host a bunch of people ready to get hammered and have a great time.

Have Food and Other Beverages Ready

It's not a lot of fun to drink on an empty stomach. Shopping for appropriate food and snacks ahead of time can keep people from wanting to run to the store in the middle of the game (which, let’s be honest—they probably shouldn’t anyway if they’ve been drinking a lot). It's also safer to keep everyone in one place. You can also purchase breakfast foods for the next morning if people are going to be crashing at your place for the night.

Make Some Space

This isn't just any party that you're planning. This is going to be an epic event that is focused on people doing a lot of drinking. Because of that, you want to make sure that your home is safe for people who have had a little bit too much to drink. Move furniture out of the way to make some more room for those people who may get a little tipsy. You want to make sure there aren't a lot of areas where people can trip. Falls may not seem like a huge deal, but they can be incredibly dangerous, so you should avoid any chance of them happening. Nothing ruins a party like someone getting hurt and needing to go to the emergency room. If you have expensive items that are at risk of being knocked over, it's also probably a good idea to pack these things away for the time being.

Readying Aftercare

When the party comes to an end, people should have a safe way to get home. It’s important as a host to be responsible. If your guests are inebriated, you can provide them with a place to sleep. Pull-out couches are great for parties like this. So are guest bedrooms and cots. You can have a collection pile where keys are kept when people walk in. The keys can be kept safe until the next morning. This discourages people from getting behind the wheel. If people really want to get to their own beds to sleep it off, you can call for some rideshares. You may even have someone who wants to be a designated driver for the evening.

A night of drinking games doesn’t have to be expensive or involved. It just takes a little bit of preparation to make sure everyone can be safe and have a good time. With these tips, you can make sure your guests are safe while still having a great night of NSFW fun.

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