Drinks Up: 3 Types of Alcohol to Serve at Your Next Party

Drinks Up: 3 Types of Alcohol to Serve at Your Next Party

The weekend is coming and it's time to party. Drinking game parties are a way to have fun and vent excess energy for a change of pace. Here are three alcohol ideas to serve at your next bash.


Craft beers are all the rage, and people like to get together to share their latest finds. Throw a craft beer sampling party that encourages each guest to bring a six-pack of their favorite brew. You can have a sampling bar set up and ready when they arrive. Give each person a voting card to write down the beer they enjoyed the most after sampling each one. Consider having a novelty prize award for the guest voted beer drinker with the best taste in brews.


Wine drinkers usually have favorite foods that pair well with their favorite wines. Invite the guests at your next wine party to bring a bottle of their preferred white, rosé or red wine along with an appetizer that pairs well with it. Ask them to furnish copies of the snack recipe, including the name of the wine. Let each guest enjoy sampling the wine and the food. Then, have them rate the choices available and briefly describe their experience. Put some fresh pineapple on the table to help cleanse the palate between tastings.


Tequila is a favorite party drink. When we think of tequila, drinks such as the Margarita or Tequila Sunrise easily come to mind, but for a drinking game party, think "shots." All you need are individual shot glasses, your favorite tequila brand, salt and fresh lemon or lime slices. The rule of tequila shots is to fill the shot glass, lick the outside of your palm, sprinkle salt on it, lick the salt, drink the shot and suck on the lemon or lime slice. It’s important to be aware of how much alcohol has been consumed in order to prevent drunk driving accidents and ensure your friends get home safely.

Encourage having designated drivers at each party. Posted Uber or taxi numbers will also help intoxicated guests get home safely. Drinking games are a fun way to let off steam during a weekend or holiday, but safety should always be the main concern. Be sure to offer coffee and food at your party as a way to offset the effects of alcohol.

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