Activities That Are Perfect for Adult Birthday Parties

Although themed children's birthday parties are all the rage, adult celebrants often get the short end of the stick. Instead of having a staid and boring dinner out, why not plan to go all-out for your next adult birthday celebration? Here are a few ideas to help you get started with a perfect adult birthday party theme.

Drinking Games

Drinking games are a good way to ease everyone into the fun, as long as you don't go overboard. They're particularly appealing when they don't require any special equipment. Most of the time, a regular deck of cards will suffice, and there are others that can be played using nothing except a lively crowd and their chosen libations. To get the party rolling, suggest a game of Never Have I Ever. In this game, the participants take turns sharing things they've never done, and everyone who has done it will then take a sip. For example, if you say, "Never have I ever been to Europe," all the participants who've been to Europe are required to drink. If you want to try something new, Mind Your Language is a fun choice.

Casino Games

This theme provides the perfect opportunity to ramp up the glamour. Set the stage by creating your own casino-themed cocktails with names like the Ace and the Roulette. Once everyone is settled in, the actual games can begin. You can set up a tournament of Texas Hold'em and other games that can go on all night. For the uninitiated, choose games with rules that are simple to follow, like blackjack.

Retro Party

Birthdays are all about the celebration of life, and that often includes a hearty dose of nostalgia. Embrace the past by theming the party around the decade of the celebrant's birth—or go back even further to the groovy '70s, or the Roaring '20s. Whichever era you choose, make sure to include it in every aspect of the party, from the clothing to the menu to the music.

Beach Fun

Fresh air, sunshine, sand, and surf—what could be more memorable than an afternoon beach bash? Organize activities like badminton or volleyball to keep things lively and plan a bonfire for later in the day. Check the local laws to make sure your fire is legal, and be sure to observe basic safety regulations. Remember to keep coolers stocked with hydrating beverages—fun in the sun can intensify the effects of alcohol. Remember, you don't need access to an actual beach in order to enjoy this theme. Populate your backyard with plenty of wading pools, set up a tiki bar, and encourage guests to come in their swimsuits. You'll have the beach vibe rocking in no time.

Slumber Party

Here's another type of party that usually fades into the distance with the advent of adulthood. But why should the kids have all the fun? For a successful adult slumber party, choose a night when all of your invitees are free of work or school obligations the next morning (ideally Friday or Saturday). If you invite both male and female guests, make sure you have ample sleeping accommodations to avoid any potential awkwardness. Then pour the drinks, pop some popcorn, and let the fun begin. One excellent benefit of the adult slumber party is that no designated drivers are needed, ensuring that everyone is able to relax.

Of course, you're welcome to tailor these ideas to your preference. The party should be geared specifically toward the guest of honor, so start by making a list of his or her favorite things and go from there. Once you've got their interests narrowed down, planning the perfect party should be a snap.

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