is a fast, fun, and effed up party game for adults who love yelling out dirty words. And getting lit with optional but hilarious drinking rules. It's like Cards Against Humanity made love to Kings Cup to gave birth to this naughty word puzzle - that will take your pre-game, house party, camping trip, or adult family game night to the next level.

Caution: it may get everyone litty real quick.



Each card's front has 3 rings: purple, orange, teal. Each ring has an adult/drug/millennial slang in it. Some cards also have a fun drinking rule in the center. And each card's back has 1 of the 3 card colors (you can also play with the other 2).

(1) Yell out the card color.

(2) Flip the card.

(3) 1st person to unravel the word(s) in the correct ring keeps the card. No penalty for wrong guesses!

(4) But serve the penalty if you break the ongoing drinking rule (optional).

(5) Player with most cards wins a special place in hell, and others get drunk!


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